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When you work with 5000 people it is difficult to stand out. Azhar was definitely the one in a thousand to note. As a Sector Supervisor at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic games, I had the responsibility of monitoring quality assurance. As a Supervisor, Azhar's positive attitude and attention to detail at the busy site remained consistently exceptional. His ability to diffuse difficult situations and motivate his team amidst long hours and unpleasant weather was essential to the role. It was a pleasure to work with Azhar and I hope I will have the opportunity again one day.
Stephanie Michelle
Vancouver BC
Azhar is a passionate leader and communicator, life-long learner, who loves to serve and contribute. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him, since his skills are an asset on any team and within any organization.
Kathy Bengtson
Vancouver City Toastmaster
Azhar has always been dedicated and dependable, following through with his commitments, doing an excellent job in every project he accepted to take on. I would have no hesitation in recommending Azhar to any position, especially when dealing with 3 important skills: people, leadership and communication. He is an awesome team player who make you proud to have on your side.
Waqar Jan
Community Activist
I found Azhar have a broad knowledge of business methodologies speciality in the parts and kaizen leader experience to be relevant to a Company. Moreover, Azhar is engaging, interesting and uses a comprehensive range of entertaining and practical tools that will motivate and foster behavioral change or provide a unique perspective on conducting business.
Ziad Maali
GM Toyota Saudi Arabia
I have to come to know Azhar through our shared Toastmasters experience. He is a tireless community organizer and supporter of youth programs. His passion and heartfelt commitment inspire others to be a better person. Keep being amazing Azhar. Our communities need leaders like you!
Pat Doyle
Azhar is a person who is capable of turning process of cooperation, into an engaging win competition. Azhar demonstrated a deep knowledge of his field and natural ability to share his expertise in pleasant manner. I strongly believe Azhar's in any one's surrounding will bring lot of positivity. Azhar has great leader ship skills in all kinds of roles, like true leaders. Azhar is a dear friend to me from very long time from almost two decades Azhar is a very good human being, I am blessed to him as my brother, friend and mentor.
Karrar Syed
Dubai UAE
Azhar has incredible energy and enthusiasm for any project or task that is allocated to him. Not only this, but he will apply thought, experience and intelligence to solving all problems and overcoming obstacles in the way of successfully completing the project or task.
Clive Else
Director, Toyota ALJ Saudi Arabia
It's a great pleasure to work with Azhar Khan on Retail Parts Operations, Toyota Saudia Arabia. I found Azhar is a very enthusiastic and ready to learn person. We work together with multiple Six Sigma and Toyota Way Projects. One of the memorable projects is the "Virtual Warehouse Project", where our team won the Gold Medal in Kaizen Marathon. It's always challenging to complete the project on time with all set goals and KPIs and I found an effective Leader and a motivating Project Manager in Azhar to achieve goals. It's also a great pleasure to not only work with Azhar on projects but on Toastmasters as well. Now, he is a Distinguished Toastmaster which is the highest position for a Toastmaster. My best wishes to Azhar in his future endeavors.
Tarique Azad
Senior General Manager, Toyota ALJ Saudi Arabia
Thanks to the Youth Leadership Program, my son has become more confident, is setting and achieving goals, and is a role model in our community. I will be always grateful to the mentorship that Azhar provided to my son.
Tanweer Jahan
IELTS Specialist, Ajax Resident

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