Youth Leadership Program Chair at Toastmasters International, Toastmasters International at Area Director Elect and President at Unity in the Community, Ajax-Pickering Chapter

We Got Endorsements

Partnerships made on trust

Waqar Ahmad Jan

Azhar has always been dedicated and dependable, following through with his commitments, doing an excellent job in every project he accepted to take on. I would have no hesitation in recommending Azhar to any position, especially when dealing with 3 important skills: people, leadership and communication.

Pat Doyle

I have to come to know Azhar through our shared Toastmasters experience. He is a tireless community organizer and supporter of youth programs. His passion and heartfelt commitment inspire others to be a better person. Keep being amazing Azhar. Our communities need leaders like you!

Kathy Bengston

Azhar is a passionate leader and communicator, a life-long learner, who loves to serve and contribute. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him since his skills are an asset on any team and within any organization.