Azhar Khan




I have had the pleasure of raising my 4 kids in Ajax, Durham. I was born into a very loving and close-knit family.  I learned the value of hard work and professionalism from my father who travelled a lot for business.  Due to his extensive travel, I became extremely close to my mother who taught me the meaning of charity and giving to the community.  My mother always cooked and distributed food to the needy and that act of kindness has inspired me throughout my journey.  My mantra is to love everyone regardless of faith or origin and I strongly believe in humanity first.

I have built a successful catering and real estate businesses in Ajax and expanded throughout Durham which qualifies me in helping to build your business as well.

At a very young age I was taught the important life lesson of giving back to your community. Canada has been extremely kind to my family & now I am honoured to give back.

  • Meals served: 35000 since March 2020 and still serving
  • Youths Leadership Program & Workshops: 4000
  • Community & Volunteer Hours: 10,000
  • Coaching & Webinars Hours: 4000
  • Toastmasters Leadership Service: 5000
  • Corporate Hours: 50,000



  • Develop policies to provide more opportunities for small and local businesses.
  • Invest in small and local businesses.
  • Create more jobs in the Town of Ajax.


  • Invest in prolonged long-term care to promote the dignity of seniors in the comfort of their    homes.
  • Create healthy living programs for our seniors.
  • Develop a mentorship program in which youths can be guided and benefit from the wisdom and    experience of our seniors.


  • Empower youths through youth leadership programs and youth-driven platforms
  • Invest in technology to have state-of-the-art institutions, encompassing the latest in technological advancements.
  • More Youth Recruitment Fairs for our local youths.
  • Develop internship programs with local businesses to serve as stepping stones for our youth.
  • Increase the amount of basketball and cricket recreational facilities for our youth.


  • Reduce wait times for transit riders.

  • Establish and expand more efficient transit routes for those working outside of Durham.

  • Create and invest in more efficient routes.


  • Create more programs for the families.

  • Invest in additional cultural program for the benefit of all.

  • Increase the number of recreational activities and facilities for families to partake in (Basketball, Cricket, and Yoga etc.)

Why Choose Me


“My mantra is to love all and serve all, regardless of faith or origin and I strongly believe in serving humanity first. My family is central to all that I do and I am driven to create a  legacy for them that will make them proud and will be remembered forever.”


Passion transforms you should into musts. Passion is our driving force, the power that fuels our will to live a life of purpose on purpose. The secret to will power is want power. How badly you want it will drive your ability to achieve it...and it stems from within, not without. I am passionate about making a difference in my community...about giving back...about making this world a better place for the next generation. Join me in creating a better community for all.


Live a life of purpose on purpose. When you are purpose-driven, you not only know what to do, but why you are doing it. I am a purpose-driven leader…I know why I am here and I am driven to enhance the quality of life for people in my community. My purpose is love all and serve all, placing humanity first. I hope you join me in this vision and assist me in creating a better community for all.


Perseverance can be defined as a healthy mindset of persistence without exception. No matter the obstacle, no matter the challenge, being perseverant means that he or she is not ready to give in or give up and is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the goal. In short, it is a winning mindset that allows one to overcome obstacles and achieve great success. I believe that to F.A.I.L., standing for First Attempt in Learning, is an opportunity to gain wisdom and grow stronger. We either go through life or grow through life. I encourage you to join me in a faith-filled approach where nothing is impossible the word itself spells “I’MPOSSIBLE.”


What My Friends Say?

Azhar has taken this role to his heart. He has been continuing until now to serve and teach our young youth. I am really proud of him; it is a lot of work and he does it with a lot of passion. He does this also voluntarily. After I got to know Azhar through Toastmasters, I also found the other side of him wanting to serve the community, which I was also very passionate about. We have connected in many ways to serve the needy for many years. To be a true leader takes a lot of work and commitment and overall being there when the community needs you. My support is always there for you Azhar. Best wishes.
Sutha Shanmugarajah
Community Activist, Youth Leadership Program Chair, D60 Toastmasters (2015)
Azhar Khan is a member of our Club Executive at Advanced Leadership Toastmasters in District 60. He is an expert on delivering the Kaizen Method of Continuous Improvement workshop. He brings much energy and enthusiasm to his role and is a positive force in the club and the community.
Glynis D'Souza
V.P. Membership, Advanced Leadership Toastmaster
It's a great pleasure to work with Azhar Khan on Retail Parts Operations, Toyota Saudia Arabia. I found Azhar is a very enthusiastic and ready to learn person. We work together with multiple Six Sigma and Toyota Way Projects. One of the memorable projects is the "Virtual Warehouse Project", where our team won the Gold Medal in Kaizen Marathon. It's always challenging to complete the project on time with all set goals and KPIs and I found an effective Leader and a motivating Project Manager in Azhar to achieve goals. It's also a great pleasure to not only work with Azhar on projects but on Toastmasters as well. Now, he is a Distinguished Toastmaster which is the highest position for a Toastmaster. My best wishes to Azhar in his future endeavors.
Tarique Azad
Senior General Manager, Toyota ALJ Saudi Arabia

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